About SQL Experience

downloadwhen the first time I learned about SQL in my campus. I had 2 subject and 2 semester to learnd this subject that are Basis Data and Sistem Basis Data. so what I get in the subjects?

in Basis Data I learned SQL in MySql and Colaborate with PHP, as you know.. it is very very usefull when we make web aplication with have data in database that used with that aplication. all of case just select, insert, delete and create thats enaugh to make an application. I thing thats anough to be a maker of application. after that I learned Sistem Basis Data, I learned logic in SQL, use Oracle I learned created Prosedure, view, function and etc. and I think thats useless because I  never use it in out of class. but when I work it used in the logic in SQL it is usefull for a big application. so now I realise that what we learned in the class will usefull when we found the problem.

so when you think what you learned not helpfull in your life that cause you have not yet found problem who solved with the case.

so I think, learned what you get in the class seriously until you understand. beacuse sure it will help you in the future.


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