Why My Apache in XAMPP cant Start

downloadsometimes developer php use a internar server to developt their program, usualy they use apache in xampp. sometimes when we click butoon start apache in xampp-control the apache cant run as usual… why?

because the apache in xampp use port to run in our computer, usually the default port are 80 and 443, when the apache in xampp cant run, that cause the port has been used by  another aplication. so what can we do to solve this proplem?

there are 2 ways, are:

  1. stop another aplication that use port 80, for example : IIS (Internet Information Service) and Skype

  2. change the port of apache in xampp

change the port apache in xampp

  1. open http.conf in \xampp\apache\conf

  2. change the port in line 55 from listen 80 to listen 81

  3. restart the apache


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